Phantom Girl

Experience the Beauty, Knowledge and Clairvoyance of the Shadow Mystic 

About PhantomGirl

Invisible Visible Shadow

Reflections give us an idea of who we are as people, how we look and see, and enrich our lives for the better.  The sign, the symbol, guides us to a personal awareness that can change us forever as we pursue our journeys through life.Phantom Girl was a global business lawyer in New York, in Toronto and Vancouver for 15 years.  She decided to pursue her dream of photography and her fascination with the shadow. and the mystical, as opposed to the corporate. 

She is a gifted writer, has a Master's Degree in English (Critical Theory) and a Bachelor's Degree in English (Honours) and is a lifetime gifted student of life, writer, lawyer, artist and psychic.  The experience of life is multi-faceted.  The stick of life is mysterious, joyful and beautiful, but can be painful without compassion.

PhantomGirl is a shadow artist (model, set designer, light seeker and photographer), a girl, and a mystic, but was once a global business lawyer in New York before becoming an artist.  All her life, she's been a gifted psychic and mystic.  The Shadow has a fascination with language as it speaks to you through form, light, contrast and the language of mystery tinged with beauty.  The Shadow is prophetic and wants to share through the medium of image and reading, the contrast between the light and the dark, shape, form and the beauty of the shadow.  This phantom energy influences our lives daily, whether we know it or not ... whether we see it or not.

The Shadow of the silhouette and the Shadow of the invisible reflections can inspire and create a psychic presence.  Shapes and shadows can inspire magic in your life. Tarot Cards and the Scrabble Board can reflect past, present and future experiences while providing the guidance of the music in our souls.  Reflections of ourselves in the shadow provide enlightenment through the projection of form.  The glorious light shines upon us, creating the beauty of the moment, representing present opportunity and hope for the future and the experiences of the present.  Capture the moment as it is once in a lifetime opportunity.  Do so with hope, faith and desire.  Dreams for the future shape the form of our existence and our present, preserving the past as we have experienced it.