Phantom Girl

Experience the Beauty, Knowledge and Clairvoyance of the Shadow Mystic offers Tarot Card and Scrabble Board readings via email.  The mystery and power of these mediums used by a psychic are amazing.  You can learn about yourself generally and specifically, which gives you a sense of who you are, to help you make your way through life or simply ask a question that identifies a specific issue.  Once PhantomGirl receives your request, you will receive a response in your email box that could change your life and your attitude toward yourself and others, creating positive energy, strength and optimism.  Something that speaks true to you.  

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The Tarot Cards are magical and the Scrabble Board speaks through code that Phantom Girl knows more than well.  She has practiced for years, but she was a natural from the very beginning.  

The Magical Tarot 

The Tarot is drawn from a magical collection of 78 cards, including the Happy Squirrel, who smiles enigmatically and mysteriously with a serious and profound approach on life as a game.  There are number and signs and symbols.  The symbols represent various earthly aspects (earth, water, air, fire).  You will receive a brief summary of the element the card represents.  The reading focuses on one major issue, but the 6 cards are set out in a table that each card comments on a different facet of the issuer.  The reader is key and that is the facet of the magic ... hence ... turn to Phantomgirl.   

The Scrabble Board

The Scrabble Board consist of 49 letters drawn 7 at a time and interpreted with mystical code.  The results speak for themselves.  The concepts expressed by the Scrabble Board are insightful and uniform.  The story is clear and the issue identified and organized in 7 digit numbers (i.e. 1-7; 7-14; 14-21; etcetera.)  This life changing experience can provide you with guidance, insight and confidence in your journey through your travels and navigation of the trials, tribulations and joys of experiences, whatever they may be.

When you submit a request for a reading, it is helpful to provide a very brief summary of your personality, nature and attitude toward life.  Much of the readings depends on the person, but the Tarot Cards or the Scrabble Board because The Shadow will find you.

Readings are $20 each and with that comes a free word from the Chinese Dictionary on the topic at hand.  For instance, Shadow (me) is in the process of constructing this website, and will consult the Chinese Dictionary on what are my prospects for success as I invest time and money and face the unknown: "list".  Interesting because I have to sort through my pictures to list them.  OK!  I'm going for it!  I'm not even kidding or a fraud.  I'm a gifted psychic, in addition to being a gifted artist.  

I have an idea that after receiving a reading, my good friend will want and purchase one of my pictures.  The Chinese Dictionary tells me: "Double".  "Double" it up!  Me and the Shadow.  Use one of my shadow pictures for inspiration every day!  And come to me for guidance and you will not be sorry and you will help me fulfill my dream.  Reciprocity. 

With any reading, you will also receive a free quote from the Bible relevant to your situation.  Even if you are not a believer, the Bible is an ancient and historical document.  For instance, my quote from the Bible on getting my pictures online and my website up and running is Jeremiah 14:17 Chapter 17:17  You must speak this word to them.

"Let my eyes stream with tears night and day, let them not cease".  For the virgin daughter of my people has been completely crushed and broken." With an extremely severe wound.

Not pleasant, but true to Shadow, given an accident I was in through which blame cannot be allocated, but we were both innocent (supposedly).  PhantomGirl took action against a villain and paid the price of courage.  Maybe he's still suffering.  I will never know.  Hence ...  PhantomGirl.  You don't just hop on kins like that.

All information shared for readings will remain perfectly confidential.  The Tarot readings and the Scrabble readings are separate and should be paid for separately.

Love and peace to all and have a beautiful day.